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Rinse-It-On-Ya- Stezza - Tipper - Presents - Sound Off (Vinyl, LP)

9 thoughts on “ Rinse-It-On-Ya- Stezza - Tipper - Presents - Sound Off (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Mikazil
    Tipper / Sound Off LP (12" album, 33 rpm) Format: Vinyl. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Vinyl "Please retry" $ — $ Vinyl; Number of Discs: 3; ASIN: BAUPY;.
  2. Grojinn
    Apr 18,  · With that said, it's a rare occasion when I do an ND that it doesn't sound better than the best CD that I have. But yes, life it too short, so I rarely do that unless I suspect there's going to be a big difference. I.e., the best sounding CD available still doesn't sound that good.
  3. Kazir
    Jul 29,  · It can also be evidence of a bad stylus, a once good but now worn out stylus, and generally bad turntable setup. Assuming the LP's is in at least reasonable condition, contrary to general wisdon, LP's are not that noisy, and very audible surface noise, rumbling, hissing and cracking/popping noises are not inherent to the medium so much as inherent to bad playback.
  4. Taukasa
    Nov 13,  · There are a few duds but most sound great and I include them in the SQ category with a lot of "audiophile" stuff. I may try to list more at some other time. It's crazy because some hip-hop from the late 80s/early 90s was crammed onto 1 lp and may be average sounding but around 95 you start to see more 2-lp sets where the SQ stands out.
  5. Mezibar
    Jul 28,  · I have a Music on Vinyl version of Al Di Meola's LP, the original s LP, as well as a CD rip. While the Music on Vinyl might be from a high rez digital source (although given I've never seen one on HDTracks etc, maybe not), it definitely isn't just ripped from CD, as the mixes are distinctly different. It's definitely a good effort.
  6. Zulkilrajas
    Feb 11,  · My personal technique on cleaning my vintage jazz Records. Ingredients: Diy Enzyme cleaner, Distilled Water, Triton x, Soap, Ethanol, 5% Iso Prop. Recorded on a .
  7. Jugami
    clear vinyl is actually the way vinyl is naturally. Black or any other color is an added dye. I'm not surprised at all that clear records, provided they are mastered correctly, sound the best.
  8. Guhn
    Jan 25,  · This is the friction of the stylus dragging against the vinyl. It should be unnoticeable, except for very quiet parts of the music. "Crackling" is a sign of a damaged or dirty record. The problem is that dust particles seem to be attracted to the vinyl like a magnet. I suggest you invest in a anti-static vinyl brush and use it before every session.
  9. Tajas
    Dec 03,  · Snap crackle and pop on an LP could mean scratches, groove damage, or maybe a poor vinyl pressing. If the record looks little used or carefully played, its probably just dust & dirt buildup. Vinyl can be very static-y which helps this stuff stick. Static discharge usually makes a light crackle or pop sound. Wash your vinyl. But start with water.

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