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  1. Dokora
    Max Weber, a German sociologist was one of the first people in modern times to think seriously about the importance of bureaucracy. The term actually comes from the French word "bureau," a reference to the small desks that the king's representatives set up in towns as .
  2. Zololmaran
    A bureaucracy is a way of administratively organizing large numbers of people who need to work together. Organizations in the public and private sector, including universities and governments, rely on bureaucracies to function.
  3. Murr
    We are a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany. Our main mission is to simplify the German bureaucratic system and guide the refugees, migrants and all people who have trouble dealing with the German bureaucracy step by step.
  4. Talabar
    Jul 17,  · A bureaucracy is an administrative, government, or social system with a hierarchical structure and complex rules and regulations.
  5. Nikolrajas
    Bureaucracy, specific form of organization defined by complexity, division of labour, permanence, professional management, hierarchical coordination and control, strict chain of command, and legal authority. It is distinguished from informal and collegial organizations.
  6. Voodoom
    Bureaucrazy ® Comunicación gráfica Graphic Studio based in Madrid Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Audiovisual Creativity.
  7. JoJogul
    Bureaucrazy, Berlin, Germany. 3K likes. We as a team of new comers will help as hard as we can to understand the paper work and bureaucracy in Germany. Hope you a nice startFollowers: K.
  8. Migami
    a system for controlling or managing a country, company, or organization that is operated by officials who are employed to follow rules carefully: a government/state/federal bureaucracy These regulations .

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