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I Dont Know Why

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  1. Gutaur
    " Don't Know Why " is a song written and composed by Jesse Harris that originally appeared on his album, Jesse Harris & the Ferdinandos. A cover of it was the first single by American singer Norah Jones from her debut studio album, Come Away with Me ().Format: CD.
  2. Yozshugrel
    I don't know why but I guess it's got something to do with you To do with you I don't know why but I guess it's got something to do with you To do with you I was a vacant alibi Trading the truth in for a lie, oh We were the essence of desire And were caught in the headlights Dangerous Your love is always dangerous And now I'm lost it hurts.
  3. Vile
    Jun 23,  · “I Don’t Know Why” is about how real love can unite two people even if it means taking risks, while the electronic music introduces us to the overarching production of the tracks on the album.
  4. Gardakazahn
    NOTD & Astrid S Lyrics. "I Don't Know Why". Following a feeling. Got no reason I should show up here tonight. Here tonight. And I'm hoping for a signal. But I'll settle for your body in my mind. In my mind. Starts as innocent but moves so quickly, so quickly.
  5. Kigak
    By the time I noticed, I was staring at the hands of a baby. It seems like for some reason, I got myself reincarnated. I also knew that I posses great power (Physical). However, I was born in a really small peaceful village, and there’s no place for me to demonstrate that power. I’m also able to make friends with someone, but she was born with a sickly body I tried doing various things.
  6. Dile
    I Don't Know synonyms. Top synonyms for i don't know (other words for i don't know) are i have no idea, have no idea and do not ask me.
  7. Fenrikora
    Sep 22,  · Ever wondered, why don’t I like myself? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Unfortunately, this question is way more common than you might think. There are plenty of logical, “reasonable” answers you might provide yourself in explanation. I’m lazy. I’m not attractive. I don’t have any friends. I can’t do anything right.
  8. Taugore
    NOTD, Astrid S - I Don't Know Why billeurothsevolmocootisupballnekit.coinfo TABBED by bizzlex94 / [Verse 1] C Following a feeling Em Got no reason I should show up D Here tonight.

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